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Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Benchmarks


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Parallels 7 Benchmarks - Overview
Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Benchmarks
Screen shot courtesy of Coyote Moon, Inc.

Parallels 7, released in late summer 2011, offers many improvements, including tighter integration with OS Lion. It also promises performance improvements, especially in 3D graphics, plus less dramatic improvements in general processor performance and battery life.

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Here at About: Macs, we love to put products through our benchmark tests, and Parallels Desktop 7 was just begging to show off its stuff. The question was, what to benchmark it against?

We could benchmark all three of the leading virtualization applications (Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, and Oracle VirtualBox), but we would rather wait for a new version of Fusion to be available before we do a big virtualization showdown, like we did last year with Parallels 6, Fusion 3, and VirtualBox 4.

So, instead, we're going to test Parallels Desktop 7 against its former self: Parallels Desktop 6. This should let us see just what performance improvements Parallels has made.

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