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Reader Stories: Show Us Your Mac Desktop


If you're a typical Mac user, you've customized your desktop. Not your desk, although you've probably done that, too, but your Mac desktop. You may have a favorite desktop image (or a rotating collection of images), custom hard drive icons, or a particular way you like to arrange the Dock.

We want to see your desktop, and we know other About: Macs readers want to see it, too. Take a screen shot and send it to us, and we'll help you share it with the rest of the world, or at least the part of the world that stops by here on a regular basis.

Show Us Your Mac Desktop

Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

I created a custom desktop because I'm visual and it's eye candy. Sometimes the photos are borrowed from my colleagues to rotate, some are my own. Check out www.margobdesign for illustration tips and…More

Formal Halloween party

The default desktop is beautiful but failing eye site makes the small black cursor very to hard to find and track. I like Lots of white area, so it's easy to find the cursor.Having spent three summer…More

Halloween desktop from Mollytudes

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I usually have pets on my desktop, but I mix things up for Halloween and Christmas. I have a folder full of Halloween, Christmas, and other images, and rotate betwee…More

Halloween desktop from zenaugie

I thought Tom's idea to decorate my Mac for Halloween is a great idea. I usually do this every year as well as other Holidays. I created a desktop image today from the Hershey Site using the Candy Co…More

Your Mac Desktop - It's a Tough Life

Because I can. This desk top is on my MacBook Pro, as well as on our iMac desk top. The photo was taken by a friend on her cell phone about 3 years ago, and just seemed to fit the life we live.I have…More

iMac 27-inch With i7 Processor

I was motivated to order the new i7 iMac by reading the speed tests conducted on it as well as the large screen. I have had Macs since they first came out. I usually don't get the 'top of the line' m…More

Show Us Your Mac Desktop - Mary's Desktop: Dog & Cat Buddies

I like to keep things organized and I'm set in my ways. :)The 'partitions' make it easy to find folders and files. I also keep folders of current projects on the desktop for easy access, and because …More

Share Your Mac Desktop - Deep is The River Where The Water Runs Still

I need the MacBook to work quickly. I want one part of my life to be uncomplicated. I want co-workers to be impressed by my efficiency, and know that 'more is less'. Personalising with pictures and s…More

Show Us Your Macs Desktop - Butterfly Nebula

Astronomy is a great science, and such soothing pictures belie the turmoil that produced them. I need as much calmness in my life as possible because I must run Windows on my Intel MacBook Pro, and T…More

Show Us Your Mac Desktop - Squeaky Clean Desktop

Been making my own desktops and customizing my icons since System 7 or 7.5, at least I've gotten over all the classic sounds for every action under the sun.I missed them when I made the move to 10.1 …More

Show Us Your Mac Desktop - Tom's Desktop

While Apple includes a ton of images you can use for your desktop, there's just something nice about customizing your desktop; it adds a personal touch. Besides the custom desktop image, I've also ad…More

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