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iMac 27-inch With i7 Processor

Share Your Story: Show Us Your Mac Desktop

By Trip_Wire

iMac 27-inch With i7 Processor

iMac 27" i7

My Desktop

I decided to get Apple's top of the line iMac desktop the iMac 27' 2.8 MHz Quad Core i7 to replace my 17" Flat Panel iMac G-4.

I have a Mac desk that I've had since the 70's that I had an old Mac desktop sitting on along with a Brother network printer. So, I hauled the old unused Mac to the basement and placed the new iMac on the desk.

The new iMac's 27" screen takes a lot of room on the desk; however the printer, computer and a wired desktop phone fit nicely! This setup is not really unique; however fits my needs nicely!

What Motivated You

I was motivated to order the new i7 iMac by reading the speed tests conducted on it as well as the large screen. I have had Macs since they first came out. I usually don't get the 'top of the line' machine; however, this time I did.

The Computer and old Mac desk work well together!

Tips and Tricks

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  • The Computer and old Mac desk work well together!

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