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Show Off Your Mac - Tom's Workspace

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By Tom_Nelson

Show Off Your Mac - Tom's Workspace

Tom's workspace

My Computer System

My primary system is a 2006 Mac Pro with 6 GB of RAM and two internal hard drives: a 1 TB and a 500 GB. I also use two externals for backups and special projects.

I use a dual-monitor setup for working with multiple documents and applications. The two monitors are both Dell; a 21-inch and a 24-inch. I tend to keep the smaller monitor turned off to save energy, and only turn it on when I need it.

My primary OS is OS X 10.6.x. I keep the Mac OS up to date, so whatever the current version is, that's what I'm using as my primary OS. I also keep the previous version of OS X on one of the external hard drives, for testing

Other Equipment

Not shown are an HP 5000N printer, a Canon i960 printer I use for photo printing, and an Epson Artisan 800 all-in-one. The HP and the Epson are both network printers, while the Canon is a local printer connected just to my Mac.

Because of my work, I have a large collection of old computers, peripherals, software, and books taking up most of the available space, as well as odd shelves and file drawers.

I primarily play music via iTunes. I also have an iPod shuffle for when I'm working around the house or property.

Tips and Tricks

  • My office is on the second floor. I put my desk at an angle so I have a nice view out the window at the back of our property. The angle also keeps glare on the monitors to a minimum, so I can work without squinting. Another important tip: Get a comfy chair. There's nothing more important than being comfortable while you work. My chair is about 10 years old and looks it, but it has molded itself during that time to fit me like a glove. Or was it me that molded to fit the chair? Either way, it works for me.

What's Special About Your Setup?

My collection of knick-knacks. You can see a few in the image, but the room is actually full of them. They include small toys, models, two steam train whistles, and stuffed animals that inhabit all the spare space.

Do You Share This Work Space?

Yes. Well, actually Ali, one of our cats, allows me to share the office, which she considers hers.

What Is Your Favorite Item?

The view. It looks out across the fields and woods behind the house. You can see all manner of life outside these windows. Wild turkeys in the field, a bear rambling by, coyotes or deer now and then, and birds everywhere. Also one very annoying woodpecker who is trying peck his way through a bat hou

Anything Else?

Nope, thats it!

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