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Readers Respond: Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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Ready to confiscate my computer Part 3

told her to run my card again! I forgot to mention that I asked the first genius to speak to a supervisor and she told me that she was the supervisor and that there were no others above her. Again, what a joke! Well, the card was declined again, but that is for Chase Bank: What's Your Experience with Chase Bank About.com Support Story. I had to call my father who had dinner plans to drive a ways to bring some money to placate them while I called Chase back. I called Chase and had to speak with a "security specialist" and have her hold the line while yet another "genius" made sure I didn't make a run for it. Finally, the card went through and did I receive an apology for being treated like a criminal? No, just a smile and a 'have a nice day.' Thankfully, the second genius had had experiences with Chase cardholders before and was patient. Rather than being a little patient and having a little faith in their customer who invested more than I would like to admit on their products, they

Ready to confiscate my computer Part 2

told me that the block was suspended at the bank. The "genius" refused to swipe the card, telling me that they are not allowed to swipe credit cards more than one time and that it was already a courtesy that they swiped it twice. As I had no cash and no debit card and they DON'T ACCEPT online payment nor a phone payment, the only recourse would be to call someone. Mind you, I am in town visiting my parents, I don't know anyone in the area and my dad is 70 years old. I told the "genius" that I could call the bank and put the call on speaker phone and she could watch me dial the number. Her response, a robotic "we don't allow more than swipe." Her reason: if anything were to happen, they would be liable. What a joke! I got upset and told her that it was ridiculous and she actually tried to confiscate the computer. I grabbed the computer back and she called other geniuses. I thought she would call the police. Thankfully, the next genius was a rational human being and actually

Ready to confiscate my computer Part 1

Where do I start? Ok I brought my laptop into the Apple Store for a battery than mysteriously died all of the sudden. The "genius" basically told me what I expected to hear. It's dead and I would have to pay to replace it. It had over a 1000 cycles (which I later found out means nothing). Cycles don't mean anything, it's the charge capacity and mine was 78%. Anyway that is besides the point. I agreed to have it replaced, thinking I will have to do it eventually. It was replaced in about 5 minutes. Incredibly complex procedure I am sure that only a "trained" Apple "genius" can do (if you try yourself you are banned from the genius bar). When it comes time to pay, my card was declined. I called my bank (Chase-another great outfit) and they informed me that it was blocked for security reasons (suspicious activity). Thank you Chase btw for "protecting me" from Apple. The second "genius" tried running the card again and again denied. I said that I would call the bank again as they


They helped me in full! The Apple representative tried to help, but when he couldn't, he directed me to the supervisor. She was also very nice and gave me a direct number with extension. If my problem would persist after she helped, she was ready to help me out and direct me to an Apple retailer.
—Guest Max

Only care about money!

I purchased my Ipad mini just a little over 6 months. I have some issue transferring my files from the iPad with iTune. I called for support to ask for help with iTune whether if I had the preferrence setup properly because some files are able to transfer to my PC while some cannot. The representative told me because my software support has expired I need to pay for the support before she can assist me any further. There was nothing wrong with my iPad, I was just calling for help with iTune and yet they still want to charge me for the service.
—Guest AA

Terrible policy on phone repair

Every other phone company sends you a new phone before they take the broken one for repair. Not Apple! They charge $30 to do that. I guess they don't believe their customers when they say that it is faulty from the factory? They make you pay for their mistakes. I used to be a avid Apple user and remember when their hardware was the best in the business. Not any more. As a side, I sent my phone in and received 3 emails indicating the status on the repair. All 3 emails had 3 different names on the header, non of them mine. From a computer company this is almost unbelievable. From Apple it seems to indicate deeper problems. After all this is pulled from some database and this should be something that Apple should be able to do without screwing it up????
—Guest KC

WOW, amazed at how horrible it really is

I was lied to, multiple time, and just handed off and then lied to more and received no help what so ever..even the head tech guy was no help and did nothing...he was even amazed at how horrible his service was, but did nothing to help. Just sort of sat there and said, huh, that sucks.
—Guest chris

Went Downhill after Steve

I'm not sure what's going on but when I first started using Apple products about 3 years ago the service was fantastic. Over the passed year and a half it's been nothing but a terrible experience. The people working in the store are arrogant and rude. Their answer for any problem I have is to buy a new Apple product. Really, when a product under warranty is not working due to hardware fault that is under warranty you want me to buy a new product. I'm glad I found out what an awful company they have become before I spent anymore of my money on their products.
—Guest DL

waiting on hold

New iMac is showing me a lot of the dreaded pinwheel. AppleCare agent asked for name, email, serial #, and problem description, then put me on hold for about 15 minutes. Came back on the line and asked for model #, then put me on hold again. I hung up after another 10 minutes.


Manhasset NY store technicians are rude and downright nasty
—Guest sage miller

apple care

Attempts to get information and guidance from Apple Customer Service is a "TOTAL JOKE".
—Guest Chuck Evans

Horrible / German Customer Support

I just had a call with some guys from the customer service & supervisor after I have forwarded my damaged iphone 5. The standby button & the charging function did not work. Further information, my display is broken some weeks ago - but thats another issue. So i have forwarded the iphone to the customer center and ask them to repair the standby button and the charging function. The answere I got: "Sorry, due to the german law we are not allowed to repair your phone because it´s damaged." Okay, let me compare. If I buy a car and I would destroy the front window by myself - one day later the motor of the car does not work - is this up to warranty or not? Yes it is but the supervisor tried to challenge me like "due to law we are not allowed to repair a phone which has other problems" - unbelievable. I asked her to forward this information in english that I can check this with Apple HQ, but she is not able to write an english mail. (pro: she is going to try to do it in english^^) lol
—Guest Arne


i have had to bring my 2 year old imac 27" into the genius bar 5 times and will once again bring a sixth time as of tomorrow. i have asked for a new computer after the 4th visit to the genius bar. they refuse. they say they do not know what is wrong though they keep finding new reasons why it is behaving or rather not behaving at all. they have replaced my hard drive, turned off encription (file vault) and a variety of other issues. they decided after erasing it 4 times is was a software problem so we stopped using the time machine and migration tool and manually dragged all files over leaving application, settings, etc behind. once again it freezes up, pinwheels the cursor and the file icon with a question mark flashes. they have no interest in solving my problem of losing money since i have had no working computer for the last three months. does anyone out there have a similar story or has had their computer replaced. i am still under warranty so this is the "service" i get.


Send my Ipod for repair paying. Received even worse Ipod. A week later, 3 phone calls later and almost 1 hour on the phone (35 minutes the last call) repeating the same stuff again and again and dealing with condescending or downright useless "advisors" , still nobody is sending a box to return the defective unit they sent. I am going to start replacing Apple with other brands as soon as needed. Steve Jobs, you are missed.
—Guest Labeep

Very Positive Experience

My mac air was playing up for the first time and I phoned up, and the technician said that since I was out of the applecare warranty it would cost 59AUD. He said, however since I've never contacted Apple before with any issue, he would offer me an exemption and waive the cost. He guided me through the steps patiently, and helped me to resolve the issue. I'm very impressed and very appreciative. It was a great experience, and the technician was kind and helpful.
—Guest YzB

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