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Readers Respond: Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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Apple's sales and technical support staff continues to win awards. The company has consistently ranked as one of the best in customer support for a few years now. Over the years I've had nothing but good experiences with Apple support, but that's too small a sample to make a definitive judgment.

What's your Apple customer support story, good or bad, extraordinary or incendiary, that you would like to share with us?

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Poor service from India

I spoke to 3 reps from India today trying to solve my problem. The first hung up on my during first minute. The next put me on hold for over 20 min until I gave up. The 3rd had such a thick accent that I could not understand her. She would not let me speak to someone else that I might be able to understand. They were TERRIBLE. I am going to have to make a trip to the Apple store to solve a problem that could have been handled by phone. Going to have to take off work to do that.
—Guest Marsha King


Why is Apple support so appalling? It is almost impossible to email a complaint about Apple. It makes me laugh how when you try to use the customer service online you get a message that stops you using the service as the message " unsupported browser" come up despite having Safari and Chrome and having upgraded them all. What a scam stopping people complaining. Even when you put How to complain or complaints department in the help search it comes up not recognised so yet another way of avoiding complaint. I gather the a Trading Standards in the UK are investigating this as they have had so many complaints. Let's hope they can during down Apple for treating their customers so badly.
—Guest Chris L

Worst service ever.

I had a very strange experience with Apple. I have been using apple products for last 6 years. My phone, pad, laptop, iPod are all of apple. I recently had a problem with Apple iPhone 5s and went to a service centre in India and they asked for my visa, passport copy, boarding pass of the flight which I came and things to claim the warranty. That was a bit shocking. And the worst part, I send two mails to apple and no reply. I am ashamed of using apple products.
—Guest Arun

YooBee in Wellingto NZ

YooBee in Wellington NZ (have to say an appalling name, very hard to remember) sold me a Mac Pro a few months ago. I rang Apple about iPhoto freezing on edit. No real help or info tho got distinct impression it was no novel problem. Then the dash key went. Now the straight bracket key gone. I was told by phone to bring it in (to YooBee) there and then. Counterperson told to book it in. I protested that service had told me he would look at it. 30 mins later was told it would have to be booked. This means surrendering it for up to 4 days. What an outrage! This Mac Pro is new. I don't want to be without a computer for 4 days. And this isn't booking. To book means to have a date to bring it in for attention.



can i book another appointment

i called up and asked about my ipad2 when it blacked out and i current still have warrentee on it and they book me an appointment but then when i came to the apple store my name wasnt on the list. i lived so far away from chadstone and i dnt have time, so can i pls have another appointment booked pls? and this time can u really put it in the list? thankyou.
—Guest teresa bui

support office helped new system sucks

I had help but new system of Icloud will not sync with my system unless I pay hostage fee
—Guest pat

Apple support gone way down hill

I have been having terrible support issue with apple the past 5 or so months. they used to be so good. I am done with apple,
—Guest mark b

Apple is AWFUL

They suck, I don't have enough room to write. I waited 6 hours on hold to get a 3 min fix and I paid for apple care. They are an arrogant bunch to work with and they are leading sheep over the cliff. They are a big corporation with a lot of your money and their business is to get you to part with your money and they do it very successfully and when you want the help that you paid for, good luck. They market cool and we all follow them like sheep over a cliff. I will never own another apple product
—Guest Renee


hardware software accessories this what i do in imac mac pro macbook pro and also iphone
—Guest bee


I love Apple support, never having had a bad experience and patient, pleasant people to help. Wouldn't buy a Mac without including it as I have no one else around to help me with all my questions. They always act like they are waiting just to help me. Thanks, Apple Support people. Keep up the good work with your great attitude.
—Guest Betty

No helpful support despite "applecare"

I bought a new MacBook Pro 5 months ago. iWeb doesn't publish and applications such as Pages and GarageBand quit. After having gone a few times to the desk downtown to get help, I was directed to an e-mail based support that still hasn't solved any of the issues, and who keep on suggesting I look at links. That just doesn't help. I would love to get someone on the phone or talk to a "genius" in town for the fee I paid for support. I had always been an Apple person, bought tons of their products for my family. No more, I'm switching.

Good Treatment

My Universal Dock stopped working. The reseller couldn't replace - out of warranty. They suggested I book an appointment with a 'Genius' at the Apple Store in Chadstone (Victoria, Australia). She looked at it, realised it had not been physically abused, and immediately replaced it with a new one. No mention of warranty limitations. I was very pleased.
—Guest Mark

Overwhelmingly positive experiences

I am flying without a net right now as my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro just aged out of their warranties. It makes me want to run out and buy a new Mac. I use my Apple Protection Plan a lot and I've gotten my money's worth many times over. I can only remember one time getting a tech who seemed to be having a bad day and was a bit crabby. I don't remember anyone with an accent I couldn't understand. Some of my problems have required me to spend hours on the phone getting escalated to the next level. I appreciate that they are willing to spend that amount of time holding my hand through something terribly frustrating. The worst problem I ever had was with iPhoto5. I detested that version of the program as it corrupted thousands of photos, but APP saw me through until I leaped over to Aperture. I've had an iPod replaced on the last week of my APP, my Mac Pro completely overhauled and two laptop monitors replaced. I was most delighted to have in-home service for my Mac Pro.

Got New iMac

I bought one of the earlier iMacs when they came out with the new design in 2004, heard that they had heat problems so I also purchased Apple Care, about a year and a half later started to have overheating problems when the Mac Techs and repair facilities could not correct the problem they gave me a new Silver iMac, you can't ask for more!
—Guest Mr. Bill

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Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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