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Readers Respond: Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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Apple's sales and technical support staff continues to win awards. The company has consistently ranked as one of the best in customer support for a few years now. Over the years I've had nothing but good experiences with Apple support, but that's too small a sample to make a definitive judgment.

What's your Apple customer support story, good or bad, extraordinary or incendiary, that you would like to share with us?

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Apple fantastic customer service

I was visiting the Apple service center @ QCD wheelock place Singapore. I was there by 3.30pm and was getting a queue number 1199. The service center was serving queue number 1110. I was waiting there for half hour and the queue display indicated estimated wait time of 132 minutes. Therefore, I decided to left for tea break with my family. I returned to service center at 6pm and was completely shocked to notice that the serving queue number has only reached 1160. Honestly, I was really frustrated when I was back to the service center. What a fantastic service provided by Apple!!! I can certainly assure you that I will never get anymore Apple product directly from Apple store. Thank you very much for the fantastic experience provided to your customer!
—Guest KK


Lost wifi on my iPhone 4s, took it into the apple store and was told they would have to send it for repair and would cost $360, spoke to Apple Care and was told it was broken and needed to be repaired. Went through and erased everything myself and then backed up and wifi returned, didn't have to pay anything. All the apple store wanted me to do was buy a new phone. Service was crap.
—Guest Susi Blair

Trying to reset recovery for apple ID

This is a stupid process and has taken me over two days to work though. its like being held hostage. Nothing you can do online but create a case. But if its after hours then you have to wait than you wait on phone for 2hours being transferred.
—Guest PIssed users01

so rude

never have I experience such rudeness over the phone from a support technician, all I did was ask a few simple questions and as someone who is not familiar with how to fix a mac or perform diagnostic tests he treated me like an idiot.
—Guest kyndall

Apple support is now Apple Non Support

Apple Care is getting worse and worse, always a long wait to speak with anyone also,
—Guest Roger


When I want to iMessage or face time it keeps telling me my password is wrong. It's been my only password yet it won't let me proceed.
—Guest Kathy


New Apple iMac 27" defective keyboard. She said its the operating system. So I reload the OS took 8 hours of my day could not work. I buy a new keyboard from Amazon and it works. So much for the OS problem or the defective motherboard is another thing she cited. Then she leaves me a VM she has great news!!! I don't have to ship the defective keyboard back. BIG DEAL. Today she emails me that they need the pos keyboard back to determine what is wrong with it...are you kidding me? WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!
—Guest Robin


Apple support is a joke. Will never buy their products again. Don't buy movies in had because you'll never be able to watch them on your tv using your ps3. What good is an hd movie or series on a small screen? Magazines disappear at the end of month and need to be downloaded again even though you've purchased them. Can't fit a whole season of game of thrones on an ipad. It's all about maximizing cost for the customer, making the experience costly. Basically so far only good for reading books. I wonder if soon I'll have too many books and need to start deleting them to by more? Basically my ipad is useless and costly.
—Guest Vlab


Without fail, every customer service experience with apple has been the worst I have ever experienced. Most recently, I purchased an iPhone. Within a day, the battery drain was intolerable - so I looked on the Apple site for everything I could do on my own to resolve it. Nothing worked. Only two days after purchase, i sucked it up and went to an apple store to have someone take a look at it. As 15-20 "geniuses" stood around, on their damned devices, not with customers, it took ten minutes for someone to finally say "you'll have to come back for an appointment in 2 hours." When i explained I had literally just bought the phone, they could have cared less. This experience was coupled with one several years ago when, on crutches, i had attempted to go into the store to pick up a simple phone case. Milling around were tens of "geniuses" without customers - NOT ONE asked me if I needed help - and several ignored me or redirected me to others for assistance.
—Guest BD4201


I purchased (2) Nano I-Pod's and spent 5+++ hours on the phone with several Sr. tekkie advisor's and no one was able to help me download songs from a CD on to my I-Pod through the computer ??? Aside from the fact that the advisor's had numerous screen sharing meltdowns. I've always had excellent assistance with computer issues, however I am totally distraught with the lack of tekkie assistance from your I-POD crew of Sr experts.
—Guest Frank LaRuffa

Terrible support! TERRIBLE!

Greetings! Last week I took my iPhone 5S to the iStore since a blue screen would show up constantly, making it impossible to use, and they told me I should go to another iStore since that store was only meant to sell products. So I drove all the way to the other store that had Apple Support (or something like that) and they said that my phone would be fixed or replaced in 5 days. I went on a road trip for 3 days and when I returned to my home town I rushed to the iStore to get the phone back. My jaw dropped when I realised it was the same phone, but they said it passed all the tests and it only needed a firmware update... so I relaxed. They also replaced my lightning cable that had a malfunction. Everything for free, since it was still under the 2-years warranty (and it was bought in December 2013). Everything was going just fine... I even bought a 15€ AppStore Card to buy some apps on my wish-list. So I got home, I activated the phone with my brand new
—Guest Gonçalo

Worst Service

My phone can't connect to wifi, so I took it to the Apple store. Told them my problem, and they told me to buy a new one. Disgusting.
—Guest Laura

Poor service from India

I spoke to 3 reps from India today trying to solve my problem. The first hung up on my during first minute. The next put me on hold for over 20 min until I gave up. The 3rd had such a thick accent that I could not understand her. She would not let me speak to someone else that I might be able to understand. They were TERRIBLE. I am going to have to make a trip to the Apple store to solve a problem that could have been handled by phone. Going to have to take off work to do that.
—Guest Marsha King


Why is Apple support so appalling? It is almost impossible to email a complaint about Apple. It makes me laugh how when you try to use the customer service online you get a message that stops you using the service as the message " unsupported browser" come up despite having Safari and Chrome and having upgraded them all. What a scam stopping people complaining. Even when you put How to complain or complaints department in the help search it comes up not recognised so yet another way of avoiding complaint. I gather the a Trading Standards in the UK are investigating this as they have had so many complaints. Let's hope they can during down Apple for treating their customers so badly.
—Guest Chris L

Worst service ever.

I had a very strange experience with Apple. I have been using apple products for last 6 years. My phone, pad, laptop, iPod are all of apple. I recently had a problem with Apple iPhone 5s and went to a service centre in India and they asked for my visa, passport copy, boarding pass of the flight which I came and things to claim the warranty. That was a bit shocking. And the worst part, I send two mails to apple and no reply. I am ashamed of using apple products.
—Guest Arun

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Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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