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Readers Respond: Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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Apple's sales and technical support staff continues to win awards. The company has consistently ranked as one of the best in customer support for a few years now. Over the years I've had nothing but good experiences with Apple support, but that's too small a sample to make a definitive judgment.

What's your Apple customer support story, good or bad, extraordinary or incendiary, that you would like to share with us?

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Worst service ever.

I had a very strange experience with Apple. I have been using apple products for last 6 years. My phone, pad, laptop, iPod are all of apple. I recently had a problem with Apple iPhone 5s and went to a service centre in India and they asked for my visa, passport copy, boarding pass of the flight which I came and things to claim the warranty. That was a bit shocking. And the worst part, I send two mails to apple and no reply. I am ashamed of using apple products.
—Guest Arun

YooBee in Wellingto NZ

YooBee in Wellington NZ (have to say an appalling name, very hard to remember) sold me a Mac Pro a few months ago. I rang Apple about iPhoto freezing on edit. No real help or info tho got distinct impression it was no novel problem. Then the dash key went. Now the straight bracket key gone. I was told by phone to bring it in (to YooBee) there and then. Counterperson told to book it in. I protested that service had told me he would look at it. 30 mins later was told it would have to be booked. This means surrendering it for up to 4 days. What an outrage! This Mac Pro is new. I don't want to be without a computer for 4 days. And this isn't booking. To book means to have a date to bring it in for attention.



Apple Lost Us

Three days ago, without any kind of warning, my wife's less-than-one- year-old internal hard drive failed. Stupidly, we didn't have a backup. I am a fairly technical person, so I immediately dug into the man pages for Mac command line tools to look for last-ditch data-saving solutions. After quite a bit of research, I was able to make a disk image copy of the drive through command line. But I thought, "We're still under warranty, surely Apple support knows these command line tools better than I do, or they could give me a referral to someone who does." Nope. Thank god I made the backup myself. They just wiped the drive, couldn't give me any kind of referrals for "authorized" local restore services, didn't apologize, and also said that we'd need to pick up the "repaired" computer in person two days later (they wouldn't ship it, and we live two hours from the store.) I get that they're not responsible for our data, but terrible service! No effort to keep us, we won't buy again.
—Guest Ben

Macbook Pro Hard Drive

So my macbook pro hard drive failed, I went to the "genius" bar and all they did was wipe all the saved memory from my laptop and made me buy a new hard drive! They are responsible for over 3 years worth of personal memories and experiences being lost.
—Guest bob

Worst Support Desk Service ever known.

Apple support is even worse when it comes to education/school customers. Especially VPP support, VPP support is only contactable via email, you can not speak to anyone. The decline VPP Enrolments and do not help or tell you why. I have had schools stop buying apple because of the support issues.
—Guest School


Bought a Mac book air mid 2013 have it replaced wait 3 days to only return to a crappier macbook with faking keyboard wait 3hrs to not even get my mac fixed ... To top it all off called custumer services to only be told " sorry " and to go back to another apple to wait
—Guest Daddy1

Worst experience ever

First place I came to a authorized service center they were quick in attending and to my shock they said that the phone has been tampered where as the phone was take just 2 weeks ago and has never been taken to any service center. In return when asked to re-evaluate the same device with another authorized service centre and if they say no tampering then they will replace the phone. Huey were initially not even ready to re-evaluate at there end.just bouncing me between different service centers. I am still waiting for the report let us see how it goes.
—Guest Kim


will never buy apple for enterprise environment, they aren't capable to handle repair requests regardless of certified stores, apple care or apple store. none of them work together. bunch of stupid idiot kids or bunch of grown idiots, which is why they are at where they are at
—Guest jimmy

Worst service I've had in a while

I called the customer support line and sat on hold to talk to a "genius". The call dropped and I called back with my reference number and had to sit on hold for another 15 minutes. Horrible. I was actually shocked at how bad the service was. I used to be a loyal apple user because the products were intuitive but the new stuff is cheap, breaks, and you can't even get a customer support person on the line.
—Guest Meg

Worst customer service experience

Dealing with Genius bar in Apple Store (rue St Catherine, Montreal) and over the phone Apple service stand out as my worst customer service experiences. The GB techs talk over you, their rude and accusatory regarding problems (nothing is ever an Apple quality issue despite known well-documented issues). and the online CS is slow and often unhelpful. It's amazing that they stay in business.
—Guest Pindy

autherized service

dropped my 6th gen ipod nano on the power button corner button was stuck in took it to g2 comp. yardley pa. the hipster behind the counter tells me they dont fix nanos you got to buy a new one ok .so now i go home take out my old ipod classic it needs a new batterie so i call the hipster at g2 comp. ask him how much for a new batterie they wont fix them anymore just buy a new one planned obsilesences excuse my spelling im a carpenter
—Guest brian


So i'm sitting in the apple store in aventura. And it is a movie scene. There are not enough people here to help everyone. With all the business that apple does and how bug this store is I would assume they would have enough people or "geniuses" working esp during there weekend when they have such a high volume. i spoke to two managers and none of them seem interested or worried about taking care of anything. I do not recommend this store to any one
—Guest Unhappy Consumer

I am getting rid of all my apple compute

Apple is a bunch of thieves and their service is horrible. I am glad I did not purchase an iPad. I will purchase it from another. They are the worst. They wanted to charge me 150.00 to help me change my lost password. When I went online to find out how to do it, it came up with this statement. First put in your old password, which I lost and cannot remember. Very sneaky. I will also be changing my iPhone garbage five this week also.
—Guest John Flath

Good Cop Bad Cop

two weeks after I bought a new iMac the fan wouldn't shut off. Wanted to return it for a refund, but got put into a circle of diagnostics that went on for 5 months, erasing and installing, performing SMC resets and Capture Datas, waiting for "engineering" to report on whether it was a software issue. Eventually sold the computer at a loss after one rep told me oh, yes, you'll get a replacement, my superior will call you back. That superior at "Executive" support said no way would I get a replacement if they couldn't determine if it was a hardware or a software issue. Apple isn't what it used to be, no way.
—Guest Bad iMac

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Apple Support: What's Your Experience With Apple Support

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