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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite External Hard Drive?

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External hard drives are one of the best ways for Mac users to expand their storage space or create a backup system. We'd like to know what products you're using for your external storage needs, as well as if you're using your external hard drive for backup, storage expansion, or both.


I've used an iOmega 1TB eGo Portable Hard Drive Mac Edition Aug 2012 with no problems. It's now full and I'm wondering what I should buy for my second desktop backup using iMac.


I have several external hard drives, ranging from 200 to 500 GB they are a mixture of USB and Firewire, although I'm slowly fasing out my USB drives as I find the working speed of Firewire much superior. For instance just the other day I went to put my Movies from my Hard Drive onto an External (279GB) all I had available was a 500 GB USB transfer time 132 hours, Three days later my 500 GB firewire arrived and the same 279 GB took just under 5 hours. Regards. Adrian Vogel.

OWC Mercury AL

I put a Western Digital 640 GB drive into a MacAlly portable aluminum case with dual firewire 400 ports, and it's excellent. I also have the 640 GB OWC Mercury AL with dual firewire 800 ports. They are both performing beautifully, and the aluminum cases are the strongest I have ever seen. The MacAlly is much more compact than the OWC.
—Guest jblocher

Western Digital

I've been a fan of Western Digital hard drives for years. They're reasonably price and very reliable. I have a 500 GB external WD hard drive that I use for Time Machine backups, and a 250 GB WD hard drive that I use to store iTunes and photos from our digital camera.
—Guest Kate B.

Lacie hard drive external

I like the Lacie 500g ext hard drive with 2 firewire ports - can connect 1 to my dv camcorder and other to the macbook and then record directly to the Lacie ext drive.

usually Western Digital

I usually get Western Digital drives... but, depending on price I am not that choosy. My current set up is an internal Hitachi Travelstar 500GB with an external made by me Western Digital 320 Scorpio Black. The WD was an initial upgrade, then the drive from the manufacturer (Apple) that came with died in the external drive configuration... hence, my current set up. So far so good.
—Guest thatBobguy

Favorite External Drive

Iomega Mac Mini (or whatever they call their drive that is designed to look like a Mac Mini) - I have 5 so far, all still running. 500 GB, 640 GB & 1 TB sizes. 1 TB WD MyBook failed.
—Guest Pentaxian

Whichever has the most space available

I have 3 Western Digital drives, 2 portables and a non-portable. I find them all useful with my tiny Macbook Pro hard drive. But video fills up the space very quickly!!
—Guest Jenn

external harddrive

I use a toshiba 1T primarily a a backup for both my Powerbook G4 and my G4 Quicksilver
—Guest Joe H

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